Chris Erhardt

CEO at Tunedly | Empowering Independent Singers and Songwriters to break through.

Chris Erhardt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tunedly, one of the most recognized brands for songwriters and musicians in the world.

A musician since the age of nine years, Chris was classically trained to play the piano. He started songwriting in college and pursued a career in music in his early 20s. This decision allowed him to not only work with artists from different parts of the world, he was also able to spend time in his native Germany, Ireland, the United States and Canada. He has worked with artists in Pop, R&B and many other genres while also writing and producing radio ads and jingles for businesses.

After experiencing the frustration most independent singers and songwriters face first hand, Chris embarked on a new journey to level the playing field for all talented songwriters and singers through his company Tunedly. He helped guide the company through multiple top rated business accelerators and raised funds from angel investors and government grants in the U.S. and Canada. But this is just the beginning, join Chris and empower unsigned singers and songwriters get discovered for their talent at

Outside of work, Chris enjoys watching and playing basketball (go Raptors) and discovering new places with his family. As an avid hobby pilot, Chris also enjoys flying his small plane all over the beautiful landscapes of North America.